HP DesignJet H45000 Printer series


Add speed and versatility to your business with this intelligently designed printer that converts easily from a roll-fed to a flatbed printer.

UV inks are formulated to print on rigid display boards or flexible media with superb results and built-in HP quality.

Impressive, reliable results at demanding production speed

Expect result and watch your productivity soar with these fast, hybrid production printers.

The HP DesignJet H45000 printer series boasts production-level, high-volume speeds up to 388 ft2 (36 m2)/HR-print speeds that meet your costumers’ demands.

And because you don’t have to wait for media to dry or spend time to transfer or mount the output, you can deliver even faster.

Produce the print quality your costumer demand without sacrificing print speed.

Piezo printheads deliver variable-sized micro droplets of ink to achieve resolution of 600 x 300 x, 600 x 600, 1200 x 600 dpi.

The six-ink HP DesignJet H45500 printer deliver seven higher apparent image quality—up to 1800 dpi.

Command attention.

HP DesignJet 788 inks and variable drop-size printheads combine to produce a greater image detail and smoother color transitions across a wide variety media.

Print on a greater variety of material–both rigid and roll-fed—with the same printer.

Choose the media you want to print directly on it—no mounting required.

Print on flexible roll-fed materials such as banner, vinyl, adhesive vinyl, canvas, paper, and backlit film or print directly on a rigid material up to I inch (2.5cm) thick and 98 inches (2.5m) in length.

No laminating, transferring, or mounting required.

Reduce your printer’s footprint without reducing functionality.

Designed to fit any space, this well-designed, hybrid UV printer easily converts from a roll-fed to a flat bed printer, minimizing floor space.

The table extends outwards from 36 to 60 inches (91.4 to 152.4 cm) to support board lengths up to 96 inches (244 cm).

Save valuable time and cut costs.

Because the ink cures quickly with UV light exposure, you no longer need to wait for the media to dry.

Media is ready to go immediately, straight from the printer.

And because you can print directly on rigid media, you no longer need to spend the extra time and material expense for mounting or laminating.

Count on HP to make work easier with this intelligently designed, hybrid UV printer

Enjoy worry-free, self- service operation.

HP continues to build on years of experience to deliver the built-in reliability and ease-of-use your business expects from our products.

HP engineers have thought through every detail.

Designed for simplicity, this hands-off printer eliminates any need to clean the printheads manually and ensures that the printer is always ready to print.

What you used to do manually, the printer will do it for you automatically.

The printer senses media edges and adjust the media to position in precisely.

Automatic printhead height adjustment allows the printer to accept and adjust to rigid sheet-fed media up to 1 inch (25mm) thick.

Maximize usability and minimize training costs.

Redefine usability and minimize training time and cost with this simple, graphical and touch screen control panel.

This intuitive interface clearly displays printer status at glance and enables easy navigation.

Expect accurate, consistent results from job-to-job, day-to-day, media-to-media.

The printer aligns the printheads, ensures that every working jet fires a pixel at precisely the same location in both directions of travel, and detects individual jets for the missing jets.

When used with the HP RIP software, the printer performs automatic color calibrations using a high-resolution imaging sensor, photodiode, and embedded software.

Get great results every time you print.

Experience HP’s legendary quality and reliability.

To save your business time and simplify your work flow, the HP DesignJet H45000 printer series offers quality and trouble-free printing you can count on. And if you ever do need support, HP’s high quality support is among the best.

Experience peace of mind, knowing you’re covered.

The HP DesignJet H45000 Printer series is designed to fit the needs of big and small print shops and specially suited for:


• Interior decoration

• Banners

Advanced automation eye

The HP DesignJet H45000 printer series uses a high-resolution imaging sensor, clorometiric, spectrometer, and embedded software to automate the setup and calibration steps critical for achieving and maintaining print quality.

Auto-set calibration

Analyzes dot placement of printed patterns and automatically sets the head-to-head alignment and bi-directional (bidi) dot placement alignment to compensate for variable print speeds, head height settings, and media thickness.

Auto-jet calibration

Eliminates banding in prints and prolongs the useful life of printheads by mapping out jets that are not up to performance standards and compensating by using other jets in their place.

Auto-tune scheduler

Schedules the autoJet calibration to occur during unattended print runs to ensure maximum print quality and minimize waste or reprints.

Auto-edge and media out detection

Uses the image sensor to aid in the loading of rigid materials by detecting right, left, abd leading edges allowing the printer to precisely position the media to begin printing

Color Calibration

The on-board spectrophotometer supplies color data to the external RIP’s color management software.

The color management system then adjusts the color to ensure accurate and consistent color.

Color profiling

— This optional feature uses the on-board spectrophotometer.

The printer prints and automatically reads hundred of color swatches to allow the RIP and color management software to create custom ICC and color profiles for 3rd party media.

For more inquiries, please contact Norde International Distributors through the following:

Address: 102 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1104 Philippines

Phone: (02) 4359288 / (02) 4354899

Email: norde.international@gmail.com


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